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Sustainable coffee that’s big on flavour

At The Four Oaks, we take pride in serving the highest quality food and drink we can. To do this, we need support. We work with people who we’ve hand-picked because they share our passion for flavour. Like UK independent Paddy & Scott’s, who provide us with our sustainable coffee. Whether you’re espresso only or you love a foamy cappuccino, all our coffees present notes of dried fruit, nuts and chocolate for a rich and smooth finish. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss our salted caramel and vanilla shots for an extra treat.

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Fair to farmers around the world

We admire Paddy and Scott's not only for their quality beans, but also their commitment to supporting sustainable coffee growers worldwide. They actively contribute to community initiatives in Brazil, Ethiopia, and Vietnam, and co-own the Muchomba coffee farm in Kenya. Ensuring a fair share of profits reaches the farmers. And also helping refurbish the local school, as well as arranging regular meals for the kids. They've coined this approach Fairer Trade 2.0. Each time you order a flat white or latte, you’ll contribute to improving the lives of the people who pick our sustainable coffee beans. We think that’s really amazing.