The Four Oaks Chef, Dave

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Crafted - The Watermill - Craig - Head Chef

Celebrating our Armed Forces

Crafted Pubs are honoured to celebrate ex armed forces members who now work at the heart of our teams.

Craig’s Story (Head Chef - The Watermill, Dorking)

“I joined the army in January 1989 at the young age of 16.  Ever since my days in the army cadets as a boy, it was my dream to join the army. My mum insisted on not joining as a soldier and suggested a trade to ‘fall back on’. I liked helping mum in the kitchen growing up, so cheffing called my name. 

After passing out as a fully qualified chef, still with much to learn, I was lucky enough to travel to Belize in Central America and work with the Gurkha regiment. The stifling heat of the jungle reduced the éclair’s chocolate toppings to sliding off only moments after admiring my creation! I still remember the bliss of sitting in the walk-in fridge on an upturned milk crate and drinking an ice-cold glass bottle of Coke.

With a career spanning over 34 years, my latest journey is with Crafted Pubs. Whether it be preparing our bone marrow bearnaise to accompany our steaks, or breaking down the chicken for our Roast Shropshire Ross Cobb chicken, Crafted Pubs is a company who embrace the skills taught to me as a young Private Thomson all those years ago, allowing me to inspire a new generation of chefs.”